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3 Store mobile phone glossary

This glossary is to help 3 Store customers with common terminology used in the mobile phone industry.

3 Like Home
3 Like Home allows 3 Store clients to use their inclusive minutes and texts, with Internet and data allowance while they visit a country with a 3 sister network such as Austria, Hong Kong, Ireland, Australia, Denmark, Sweden and Italy. The 3 Australia network has no Pay As You Go roaming coverage.

Add Internet Max
This service from 3 Store offers extra mobile Internet connectivity, including 1GB data, which will allow you to browse 100,000 mobile web pages, limitless ISP email from Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail and Google Mail sent directly to your phone, and limitless work email, also sent directly to your phone.

Add Text 200
Allows 3 Store users 200 additional text messages at a low rate.

Add International Saver
Allows 3 Store Pay Monthly customers to make limitless calls from the UK to 31 international destinations for a small additional fee, including mobile and land line numbers in Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, China, Canada, Hawaii and the USA.

Wireless carriers use authentication to confirm the identity of the mobile phone before the call is completed, thereby reducing fraudulent usage. Authentication uses the mobile phone's Electronic Serial Number (ESN).

ADN - Auto Dial Number
This is another term for "speed dial number", and may be programmed into your mobile phone or SIM card memory.

Battery Life
This is the time a battery will hold power after a charge. Battery life is usually referred to as "standby time" and "talk time". The manufacturer supplies these times and other specifications, which are approximate.

This is a wireless technology that was developed by Intel, Nokia, Ericsson, Toshiba and IBM, which allows data connections between devices such as desktop computers, electronic organisers, printers and mobile phones in the 2.4 GHz range

Dual Band
These mobile phones are able to work on networks that operate on two frequency bands. Usually urban areas will operate on 1800 and suburbs will use the 900 band. Dual band mobile phones are particularly handy for overseas travel. There are also tri-band phones that can switch between GSM 900, 1800, and 1900, offering complete coverage in America, Europe and Asia.

Digital Transmission
This method of wireless service converts voice conversations to binary code, which are then transmitted and recreated for the receiver. This ability allows for far more transmission capacity and increased conversation security.

Eyevibe is 3 Store's user created chat and video community, especially designed for mobile and compatible with all 3 Store mobiles. It comprises thousands of pictures, videos, and sounds and has charts listing the most popular downloads and videos. Alternatively, clients can search for their favourite contributor's videos by title.

LNP - Local Number Portability
This allows subscribers to retain their original mobile phone number when they change local or wireless carriers.

MTSO - Mobile Telephone Switching Office
This is a central switching system designed to monitor and control all wireless operations, including call placement, location tracking, handoff and movement of phones travelling in the system, as well as keeping track of billing information.

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