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Mobile Broadband with Free laptop on 3 Mobile

• Intel Core 2 Duo T5800
• NVIDIA GeForce 9500 graphics
• 320GB Hard Disk
• 3GB memory
• 16" HD LCD Display

• Windows Vista Home Premium

Acer 6920g-583 on 3

• Contract length from 24 months
• Free USB modem
• Free Delivery
• 14 Day guarantee

acer 6930g
I want it!

Introducing the Acer 16" 6920G-583
The sleek Acer 6920G-583 is much more than just a pretty face. The powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processor gives you the most intensive multimedia applications out there. And it's got a massive 320GB hard drive.

If you like movies, you'll love the integrated Blu-Ray DVD drive and 16" widescreen display - which gives you brilliant HD picture quality. If you love gaming you can make the most of the NVIDIA GeForce 9600 graphics. And to top it all off there’s a handy built-in webcam for calls and videos.

24mths Black Modem 5GB/mth

£40/Month 24mths

• 5GB Data Plus 150texts

• Free Laptop + modem

24mths ZTE Modem 5GB/mth

£40/Month 18mths

• 5GB Data Plus 150texts

• Free Laptop + modem

24mths Black Modem 15GB/mth

£55/Month 24mths

• 15GB Data Plus 150texts

• Free Laptop + modem

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Free Laptops with 3 Mobile Broadband
li3710 Fujitsu Li3710


• 250GB Hard Drive

• 16" Display

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3 usb modem HP 550 Laptop

• Vista home Basic

• 15.4" WXGA Screen


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compaq mini 700 Compaq Mini 700

•1.02 kg lightr


• XP Home

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