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Cool LG u990 Specification

• iPhone Rival!

• Sliding Design

• Large Touchscreen

5.1 MP Camera!
• 170mb memory

Best LGu990 Deal on 3

• Free refurbished U990
• Flexible Mix & Match Tarrif
• Next Day Delivery
• Free Nintendo wii
• Unlimited 3 to 3 minutes
• Free Voicemail

• Internet MAX Package

I want it!

Incorporating a Large 3-inch resolution LCD touchscreen, the LGu990 Viewty has been meticulously designed to leave a lasting impression. The camera has an impressive 5 megapixels with 120fps video recording. The classy LG U990 is newest and must-have technological marvel on the market.

Unlimited Texts

£26.25/Month 18mths

• Unlimited texts

• 750 minutes

• Free LG u990 Viewty

• 5% discount


Mix & Match 300

£22/Month 18mths

• 300 txts or mins

• Free u990 Viewty

• Unlimited 3 to 3 callls

• Free Voicemail


Unlimited Landline

£34/Month 18mths

• 1100 mins or txts

• unlimited 3 to 3 calls

• Free voicemail

• Viewty Free


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