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Free 3 Mobile PAYG Sims

Pay as you talk Special Offers This SIM will only work on a 3G phone.

Get a 3 SIM and get on the biggest 3G network in the UK with 99.5% of the population covered for calls and texts. Plus you can Top-up and double your texts and minutes with a Stretch Option. Nice.

To get free Skype-to-Skype calls and instant messaging you'll need to put
this SIM in a phone bought from 3. We are working hard to make Skype
available on our SIMs on as many 3G mobiles as we can, we'll keep you

Also every time you purchase this we give you an extra free sim card to give
to a friend and you can chat to them for free using Skype.

This offer is only available until 30th June 2009 so hurry or you might miss out
on the great savings!

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