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SIM Zero on 3 Mobile

SIM Zero on Three

• 10p Texts

• Calls 20p a minute

• 3-to-3 calls 20p a minute

• Free Skype

• Free Windows Live Messenger

• Free Voicemail


Contract Details

• 1 Month Rolling Contract

• Pay for only what you use

• Free Next Day Delivery

Nokia E71 White
Sim Zero - Just Pay for whats
used at the end of the month

I want it!

Why Chose SIM Zero?

SIM zero is a 1 month contract where you will pay for what you have used at the end of each month.


Ideal if you do not want the hassle of having to top up and do not use up many minutes or texts each month, but do not want to be tied into a long term contract.


Sim £10


• Unlimited Texts

• 100 Minutes

Sim £15


• Unlimited Texts

• 300 Minutes

Broadband 5GB


• Up To 3.6Mb Speed

• 1 Month Rolling Contract

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